vSOFT - the platform powering live events.

From standard digital signage to spectacular displays, ANC’s vSOFT is a powerful digital display control system that simplifies signage presentations across multiple displays. Our award-winning platform presents a user-friendly interface for operating events, live content editing, integration of complex sports scoring and other real-time data feeds including social media, as well as affidavit sponsor reporting.

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LiveSync - the platform powering public places 24/7.

ANC’s LiveSync enables event venues, retail centers, transportation authorities, and property managers to run all the displays throughout their space, both interior and exterior, in complete frame-sync as one dynamic canvas. LiveSync includes remote access capabilities, on-demand content changes, 24/7 scheduling and monitoring, live video integration, real-time data feeds, emergency messaging, AND the versatility to switch to a fully live-triggered control system for events.

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