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With retailers, venues, and teams constantly looking for new ways to engage with consumers and fans and bring them into their spaces, you’ll often hear the word “experiential” brought up in discussions with clients and advertisers. This is usually followed by references to “immersive” and “interactive”, but many integrators are left wondering what that really means.


There are many important aspects you must keep in mind when beginning a major digital media installation. Hours are spent analyzing the best products to use and the right content management system to install, but the most important element has always been the user experience (UX).

Digital Signage Stories - The South Side Seaport is a historic area in lower Manhattan and home to one of the best views of the East River. With the new addition of Pier 17, a four-story building designed by SHoP Architects, the historic Seaport just became even more of a destination. The Pier’s two-story atrium is one of the main arteries to the rooftop, a 1.5-acre terrace that features restaurants, outdoor bars, a venue for concerts, and more than 2,000 square feet of outdoor LEDs. The Howard Hughes Corporation worked closely with New York’s own ANC on this project. Driven by ANC’s LiveSync operating system, the displays in the network will be able to feature individual content or synchronize together to act as one canvas across the different locations.

AVIXA - When a project’s scope is to redefine an entire neighborhood in lower Manhattan, every decision is imbued with huge possibilities. Such was the inspiring opportunity presented by the Howard Hughes Corporation’s tremendous redevelopment of the 400,000-square-foot area surrounding and including Pier 17, which was once home to the mall at South Street Seaport. But the reconstruction of the neighborhood’s anchor element of Pier 17 is the opposite of an indoor, enclosed, limited shopping complex. Newly built from the riverbed upward, the SHoP Architects-designed Pier 17 is all about open spaces, connection with the water and skyline, and expansion outdoors along patios and across the 1.5-acre rooftop. Together, the view-enhancing, transparent structural design elements, super-hip dining options and a growing lineup of entertainment programming will cultivate an atmosphere that Howard Hughes hopes will be a new destination for city residents as well as those visiting from elsewhere.

Digital Signage Today - With smart city initiatives expanding, city planners are paying more attention to the capabilities of interactive kiosks and digital signage in public spaces, including major transportation hubs. Mark Stross, chief technology officer at ANC, a New York City-based provider of integrated signage, design and marketing solutions, has been involved in some of the highest profile digital media projects in public spaces in the U.S., such as Fulton Center, Moynihan Station and the Westfield World Trade Center in New York. Stross shared his insights about the digital media challenges and opportunities facing the transportation sector during the recent Infocomm show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Sign of the Times - Digital signage is a fast-growing industry within the AV space, constantly adapting to changes in consumer needs and technology. According to Malik Khan, senior vice president of integration and product development at ANC (Purchase, NY), some of the biggest trends found within the industry are displays customized to fit in seamlessly within a variety of environments, such as thin cabinet models, flexible technology, highresolution transparent screens and other custom applications. “Interactive and touchscreen displays are also continuing to spread throughout the marketplace, increasing the opportunity for interactive and immersive content,” Khan said.

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ANC's Chief Technology Officer Mark Stross will be speaking at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. Mark will be speaking about digital signage and the transit industry and how these digital media networks are growing in complexity and scale. Mark's session will take place on June 7th from 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Sixteen:Nine - ANC got its start about 20 years ago as a rotational signage company that primarily serviced the pro sports business, and through the years, ANC has grown into a big tech services provider that’s been putting in the visual systems for many arenas and stadiums. If you see a big center-hung set of LED boards over an NBA or Division 1 basketball court, or a giant replay board at a ballpark, there’s a decent chance ANC is behind it. More recently the company has found itself getting into digital out of home media, creating the same kinds of visual spectacle you might see in live sports, but instead in public areas or mass transportation hubs. A lot more than a conventional AV systems integrator, ANC is doing a ton of R&D and using product that will do things like light up the whole 360-degree view of an area with sync’d content. You might think, “Well that’s not all that new,” but ANC’s CTO Mark Stross explains why what he’s cooked up is different.

ANC's Senior Vice President of Integration & Product Development Malik Khan spoke with AVNation's Tim Albright about his digital signage insights and new trends you could find at this year's DSE Conference.
Women of Digital Signage is a new organization with the goal to advance women in the digital signage industry. Whether someone is looking for a mentor, networking, or to explore new opportunities. Women of Digital Signage will be there to assist. For the month of April, the group selected ANC's SVP of Sales, Venues Services Collen Brace to be their featured member. The organization's Ann Holland spoke with Colleen about ANC, working in the Digital Signage space, and what drives her.
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New York, NY – June 28, 2018 – The technology service provider ANC announced today that they have installed and are managing a new digital media network at The Howard Hughes …
Louisville, Kentucky – June 25, 2018 – The University of Louisville today announced it will expand its partnership with technology solutions provider ANC, who will install and operate …
Miami, FL – June 13, 2018 – Brightline, the nation’s only privately owned, operated and maintained intercity passenger train, has selected ANC as the premium service provider for the 325 …
Athens, Ohio – June 11, 2018 – Ohio University and technology service provider ANC today announced a partnership to install a new center-hung display for the Ohio University Convocation Center. …
ANC partner the Washington Captials won their first Stanley Cup Championship during Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. ANC installed their center-hung display, fascia 360 and a variety of other …

Exciting News!

GoVision and NY-based ANC are now offering unified digital media solutions for sports, events, and places all around us. You are being redirected to our new website.

Exciting News!

GoVision and NY-based ANC are now offering unified digital media solutions for sports, events, and places all around us.